Transferring your 401k to next employer or IRA – my reply to a Dave Ramsey YouTube viewer comment

David Boozer before doing a rollover do an analysis on it because most people who rollover take a loss and Dave don’t teach that and also analyze the new plan and or ira the ask might be when to rollover into a 401k or ira all 401k you see the balance but you need to know your invested amount also your back could be $10k but the invested amount can be $12k also your investment might be paying dividends next month then you need to take that into account. Dave only teaches the information that you can find in the internet but not the mechanics of how to do it. Good luck

Conservative Prosecutor you can rollover a 401k to a next employer and NO you can rollover it over to a ira or Roth IRA but most likely you will do the ira rollover

Dave Ramsey Bad Advice on 401k Loan and not giving all the facts

Dave is not telling the whole truth it’s the plan if you have a lot of money in your 401k and have a high interest loan borrow from your 401k is an investment also to land can allow you to repay the loan if you leave the company. Dave does not know this lol poor you all who listen to him lol face just teach the basics but not the whole truth learn for yourself people

Taking a 401k loan is not stupid you need to know your plans and I will not get the insurance. You have to know mathematics and never say never Dave

Dave Ramsey Bad Advice when it comes to debt and stopping investments

Invest and continue to paying down debt while focus on investment the time value of money what about the company match what About taxes Dave only focus on debt not wealth he fooling people. Dave don’t know the answer because he only surveyed 10k millionaires (and those 10k are already bias to his plan) but then are 16M millionaires in the US. This guy have a balance financial path Dave don’t like stock but he have stock in this own company that makes him the most compare to his mutual funds

R MAC you wrong if I have $20,000 at 20% apr and I have $200,000 making 8% who is winning also defy free but house they have $200,000 15 year mortgage at 4% and $20,000 returning 10% who is winning since you can’t invest while paying down debt lol

Warren Buffett makes about $100K a Year but worth $84B; How? – FOM#31

As the Chairman and CEO of the holding company he founded, Buffett made $100K salary & no other compensation or bonus in 2017; However he does currently own 283K shares of Berkshire Hathaway Class A stock It makes up his nearly $88 billion fortune.

As the Chairman and CEO of the holding company he founded, Buffett made a $100,000 salary in 2017, according to a recent regulatory filing reported by Reuters. Meanwhile, Berkshire paid its median employee $53,510 in 2017. That means Buffett makes less than twice as much as his typical employee.

According to Marketwatch, Buffett earns no other compensation or bonus. However he does currently own 283,000 shares of Berkshire Hathaway Class A stock, which closed at $310,630 on Friday. It makes up the bulk of his nearly $88 billion fortune.

Dave Ramsey Bad Investment Advice on 401k – #MyOpinion #Part2 – FOM#29

This video shown below (; the husband does not want to stop investing while his wife continue to pay down debt in my opinion the husband is correct not the wife and Dave Ramsey

My Main Comments:

Dave is wrong here the husband is right they can do the debt snowball and still do the 401k

Stopping the 401k will also increase their taxes

And they already paid off 25k I think the husband plan is working with the debt snowball

I believe you can do both and what’s wrong with modifying total money makeover maybe call it total debt makeover while getting rich

I agree the wife is trying to follow it but the husband is smart she can continue his 15% 401k contribution you don’t need to follow everything Dave says you have to read and tailor things to your financial goals not everyone is the same

Also, for high income earners contributing to 401k saves taxes so if he stop the 401k he will paying down the Debt with a little more income but no investment and paying more taxes and also lost of the time value of money – time loss on making his money work for him


Dave Ramsey – People Can be a Millionaire with DEBT – FOM#28

Dave Ramsey, People Can be a Millionaire with DEBT and that 10K+ Millionaires you surveyed us nothing compared to 16M millionaires out there where most created their wealth through DEBT – Use effective debt management strategies while focusing and achieving your financial goals they all can be done at once – Follow Your Dreams and No one else.

People can become millionaires with debt and Dave only survey 10,000 millionaires when there are 16M millionaires households in the USA that are millionaires so I guess that maybe mostly a lot of millionaires use debt follow your own dreams.

Dave Ramsey Bad Investment Advice on 401k – #MyOpinion – FOM#27

If your company offer a match in a 401k contributing to the plan is a non starter especially 10% whether or not they have debt. Also, always contributed to a 401k with or without a 401k for retirement and also you pay less Tax; and if you have a Roth 401k mix your contribution between PreTax 401k and the Roth 401k to get the company match and for Tax Diversification

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