Dave Ramsey Bad Advice when it comes to debt and stopping investments

Invest and continue to paying down debt while focus on investment the time value of money what about the company match what About taxes Dave only focus on debt not wealth he fooling people. Dave don’t know the answer because he only surveyed 10k millionaires (and those 10k are already bias to his plan) but then are 16M millionaires in the US. This guy have a balance financial path Dave don’t like stock but he have stock in this own company that makes him the most compare to his mutual funds

R MAC you wrong if I have $20,000 at 20% apr and I have $200,000 making 8% who is winning also defy free but house they have $200,000 15 year mortgage at 4% and $20,000 returning 10% who is winning since you can’t invest while paying down debt lol