Transferring your 401k to next employer or IRA – my reply to a Dave Ramsey YouTube viewer comment

David Boozer before doing a rollover do an analysis on it because most people who rollover take a loss and Dave don’t teach that and also analyze the new plan and or ira the ask might be when to rollover into a 401k or ira all 401k you see the balance but you need to know your invested amount also your back could be $10k but the invested amount can be $12k also your investment might be paying dividends next month then you need to take that into account. Dave only teaches the information that you can find in the internet but not the mechanics of how to do it. Good luck

Conservative Prosecutor you can rollover a 401k to a next employer and NO you can rollover it over to a ira or Roth IRA but most likely you will do the ira rollover

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