I read this article today from Kiplinger by Erin Burt, Contributing Editor via Yahoo, and I thought that I should share it with you all, it deals with personal finance and savings. A snapshot of the main points are listed below: (please click the here to read the full article)

1. Carrying a balance; 2. Overspending on gas and oil for your car; 3. Keeping unhealthy habits; 4. Using a cell phone that doesn’t fit; 5. Buying brand-name instead of generic; 6. Keeping your mouth shut; 7. Buying beverages one at a time; 8. Paying for something you can get for free; 9. Stashing your money with Uncle Sam rather than in an interest-earning account; 10. Being disorganized; 11. Letting your money wallow in a low-interest account; 12. Paying late fees and missing deadlines; 13. Paying ATM fees; 14. Shopping at the grocery store without a calculator. 15. Paying for things you don’t use; 16. Not reading the fine print; 17. Mismanaging your flexible spending account; 18. Being an inflexible traveler; 19. Sticking with the same service plans and the same service providers year after year; 20. Making impulse purchases; 21. Dining out frequently. 22. Trying to time the stock market; 23. Buying insurance you don’t need; 24. Buying new instead of used; 25. Procrastinating.


I found these Budget stats from two different sources and thought I will share.
How Americans Spend Their Money – 2008:
Housing & Related purchases – 33.90%
Entertainment & Miscellaneous Items – 19.40%
Transportation – 17.00%
Food – 12.70%
Personal Insurance & Pensions – 11.10%
Healthcare – 5.90%
Standard Budget Percentage:
Housing – 35%
Life – 25%
Debt Repayment – 15%
Savings – 10%
Transportation – 15%
Sources: US News – US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and CNBC TV


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My Research Interest that will govern this blog:

Finding creative solutions to global problems (business, political & social) by scientific and or information technology methods; whereby the data supplied is converted into information allowing the users to make strategic decisions.

 Effects of Government Regulations on the Free Market System and therefore its overall implications on its Citizens.
 Effects of Financial Institutions & Markets on the overall Economy.
 Making effective strategic management and financial decisions in business through Information Technology Intelligence.
 How the social, political and economic environment affects an individual’s financial situation in terms of wealth creation through effective Personal Financial Planning.
 Translating successful business practices & methodologies into the operations of households in building family wealth.

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